Promote to Succeed

An idea by itself is just an idea. However an idea followed by great execution and management is golden. Many entrepreneurs today still believe that their great idea will carry their startup venture. This is a misconception. Investors in today’s market focus on the entrepreneur’s execution. This shows that you ought to be selling less of your idea and more of yourself.

In the corporate world your reputation and the way you are perceived are critical career success factors. No matter how exceptional you are if no one is aware of it or no manager or senior can identify you as an invaluable asset then you are prolonging (delaying?) your success.

As an entrepreneur if your investors, customers, vendors, business partners and team members don’t perceive you as being a synonym for success your ideas may go unexplored. In the entrepreneur world investors and other stakeholders are the managers and if they are unaware of your brilliance then your great idea may just remain an idea. For this reason as Entrepreneurs it is critical that we sell ourselves and build that reputation, that image to maximize stakeholder perception.

Your reputation is your best asset in the grand scheme of things your relationship with others in your circle and the vibe you emanate. What people think you can do is more important than what you have done. So sure the CEO title may sound prestigious but your reputation carries more weight.

Develop strong interpersonal skills as these most times carry more weight on the road to success than technical or hard skills. Leadership skills such as being able to motivate others as well as an ability to work well in teams and listen is also critical. Mentoring and coaching skills are also an added bonus.

Manage your personal life. This is critical since in today’s world with the internet and social media your life is now an open book. You are now open for public scrutiny. Things you do in your personal life can affect your success. As a result your image is critical, so please don’t ignore your image. Your image should be strategically managed, your online presence your associates and your comments can build or break you. Remember your reputation is critical to your success.

The one with the better strings and network wins. The economy is a social one. This is why interpersonal skills are important. Staying in the loop both physically and electronically is critical in this new economy to maintain one’s relevance.

Work smart not hard. Focus on achievements and milestones. Set benchmarks. Be more result oriented. Long hours mean nothing if there is no measurable result. Remember this old physics equation (work done = force x distance) in a particular direction. Remember to measure and promote your achievements to ensure others see your value.

Your Idea is the catalyst for your relationships with investors, co-founders, business partners and customers. Self-promotion is critical in your success.

All you need is that one investor, that one major customer or that one major distributor to keep you ahead of competitors. Remember the rule of one. Again this is why self-promotion in the right way can make all the difference. This is critical if you are to score that right One.

It’s your startup accountability and success of your business begins and ends with you. With that being said take charge of your life. Forming mutually beneficial relationships is an integral part of your business’s success. This would ensure you get the well deserved help required to move forward with your business. Growth is a must. Make your relationships win- win ones. This would ensure the longevity of your important relationships.

A positive presence in new media. This will help you attract persons of similar interest which can help you build your business. Online Social Networks can help you build your reputation and open endless opportunities. From education to suppliers or distributors etc.

Ageless body timeless mind. Our population is now an aging one. People are living longer. For this reason you would need to have good working relations with persons of all ages since your customers and even employees can be of any age. Each generation views the marketplace differently understanding these views and learning to communicate between generations will give you a competitive advantage.