Branding, Basically…

A brand is the essence of your business which sets it apart from the rest. Regardless of what you supply, your brand will be the identifying element, which communicates to your audience exactly what your business is about. A brand can be so powerful as to captivate loyalty from customers, who will trust any product or service of that brand.

In creating a brand, you need to establish a thought and a feeling which evokes confidence in your brand and causes a favorable reaction by your audience. What does your brand communicate?

Let’s talk about you. You have a name (which you may or may not be too thrilled about). This name identifies you in some way and some perceptions are created just from that name. You have an appearance which says a lot more than your name. How you are groomed, how you carry yourself, your style of dress, will all communicate aspects of your personality to onlookers.

All these factors however, will be overshadowed by your personality. It is your character which defines who you really are and brings about significant feelings towards you. Your character is demonstrated by ongoing interactions and reactions and is developed in the mind of others with time and relations. What does this have to do with branding?

Character is what should be communicated by a brand. Brand management establishes a strategic approach to how your brand should be perceived and goes on to use the elements of name, appearance, relationships and performance to establish this perception.

This is an ongoing process which continues to enforce the “character” of your brand, and ensure that customers continue to have the desired perception. The end view is to get customers mentally and emotionally involved in your brand and make the relationship a mutually satisfying one.

You want to build the kind of brand which customers swear by, a brand which takes up such a significant space in the market that it would be missed if it no longer existed.

You want to have the kind of brand which customers zealously defend and refuse to opt for any other. How are you building your brand?